Mission Statement

Firstly, thanks for visiting. Let me be brief (as I believe some measure of brevity in these matters may encourage repeat visits). My intent with this blog is simply to do the following:

  • Document my general thoughts on wargaming and the games that I play.
  • Provide tutorials on any matter where I feel I have adequate expertise to do so.
  • Encourage other gamers with their hobby through stories and personal experience.
  • Provide battle reports that demonstrate how we’ve played the game.
  • Review miniature war gaming material where appropriate.
  • Anything else that is relevant. But not rumors if I can avoid it. And only positive stuff. No crankiness!

Do I have the right to talk on these topics? Yes. Do I have any secret skills that qualify me more than the next guy to talk about these topics? No. I’m a relatively new wargamer (in terms of the longevity of most who are involved in this hobby), so perhaps if anything, I can offer a fresh take on the hobby and where it stands.

I think, as with most hobbies, the internet is rife with people who are more intelligent than I am, likely more eloquent, and probably better versed in these matters. As such, I intend to approach this very much from a “this is my point of view” standpoint. I believe that hobbies such as these should engender a degree of personality, and by injecting that into these posts, I think I can make this blog stand out. So expect some measure of personality to creep in (for better or worse).

Many sites, in my experience, seem to lean heavily towards one component of the hobby. There are different components to this hobby that we all hold in different esteem. My hope is that I can provide points of view on all of these pieces in some equal measure, so that every and any wargamer can find what they want here.

So why not FaceBook or something of the sort? Well, to be honest, I’m anti-FaceBook… so there’s that …

So is this going to be the prettiest blog you ever did see on the internet? I doubt it. I don’t want to spend too much time putting a nice coat of paint on an otherwise hideous model (see what I did there? Miniature gaming metaphor! I should add that to the list…). I will include pictures whenever I can, as I feel that a graphical object will entice many readers more than just a block of text.

I hope you will find value in this endeavor as I undertake it.

More to come soon! Until then, keep rolling the dice!